Turnkey Services

We can oversee everything from design through construction of your facility. One of our strengths is managing all the different team members required to complete the job on time, within budget.

Award-winning Ohno Construction specializes in outdoor recreational and sports facilities including various parks, natural and synthetic surface tracks and fields and associated athletic venues. This includes restroom/concession buildings, ticket booths, bleachers with elevators, plazas and public areas, parking lots, drainage and underground utilities, lighting, fencing, ADA access, roadways & trails, playgrounds, water features and spray parks, habitat restorations, landscaping, irrigation/cooling systems, and synthetic turf installations.


Ohno Construction can work as the builder or construction manager for Design/Build (where design and construction is performed by a single design-build entity),  a guaranteed maximum price contract, and other delivery models like Lease-Leaseback, in addition to traditional design-bid-build formats.


A guaranteed maximum price contract (GMP) sets a ceiling or maximum price for which a person or entity will pay for a certain project. We are compensated for actual costs incurred plus a fixed fee, subject to a maximum amount. Ohno is responsible for all cost over-runs and any savings resulting from cost under-runs are returned to you.


Lease-Leaseback (LLB): California school districts can also enter into lease-leaseback arrangements in which a school district leases its property to a developer, usually for $1 per year, and the developer builds the school project and leases the property back to the school district. Like design-build, lease-leasebacks are an alternative project delivery method which has as its ultimate goal getting projects built faster, more cost effectively, with better quality control and fewer disputes.

(Education Code section 17406: The governing board of a school district, without advertising for bids, may let, for a minimum rental of one dollar ($1) a year, to any person, firm, or corporation any real property that belongs to the district if the instrument by which such property is let requires the lessee therein to construct on the demised premises, or provide for the construction thereon of, a building or buildings for the use of the school district during the term thereof, and provides that title to that building shall vest in the school district at the expiration of that term. The instrument may provide for the means or methods by which that title shall vest in the school district prior to the expiration of that term, and shall contain such other terms and conditions as the governing board may deem to be in the best interest of the school district.)



Cooperative Purchasing

For schools, municipalities, and other public entities, you can obtain our services through TIPS, a cooperative purchasing buy board, similar to CMAS, KCDA or JOC contracting. This streamlines the purchasing process because no bids are required on your end. The time and personnel required to advertise and process bids has already been completed by TIPS. Developed to comply with state laws that require governmental entities to make purchases from an approved list of vendors who have gone through a competitive procurement process, TIPS gives members the advantage of leveraging their cooperative’s ability to obtain bulk discounts. Membership is as simple as signing a couple of forms.


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